Wednesday, July 6, 2016

For Those Who Raised Us

How many times do we close our eyes and get scared at the thought of getting old? Not many times maybe. But everyone, at some point or the other, does wonder about this. And with that follows the thought of our elders, those who raised us and those who raised our parents.

Ours is not a country where old age homes are a common sight. Getting good quality care is a challenge for many elderly people who are abandoned.

Hence, places like the Earth Saviours Foundation Gurgaon are very special and of course much needed. The place, run by Ravi Kalra, a social activist and environmentalist, takes care of old people with physical and mental disabilities.

The team, led by Abay Chawla and Garima, arranged lunch and also planted trees at the foundation. And we met this beautiful dog who could not contain her infectious enthusiasm while gorging on as many laddoos as she could.

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