Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Lunch At Anand Ashram

It was a hot Sunday afternoon as we watched them have their lunch. From the first morsel of rice to the last sip of the mango drinks, they ate with a bit of struggle and a lot of discipline.

It was not a usual lunch table. We saw one boy helping the other to eat. We saw the kitchen boy wiping off their faces once they had had the lunch (which was on our team). We saw how much effort it takes to take care of these champions.

Anand Ashram takes care of physically and mentally challenged orphan boys in Gurgaon. The efforts of the fathers and brothers and other staff members cannot be described in words. One has to see for themselves to understand their unceasing dedication.

We would like to thank Kuldeep, Siddharth, Sanjeev, Nidhi, Shruti, Taranjot, Jatin Raliya and Garima for making this happen.

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