Monday, November 9, 2015

To Make You Smile

I am an admin of this page and I try to attend all the events we plan. But because of unforseen circumstances I could not attend this one.

And today was a usual day for me. I woke up, went for a run wishing to get thinner, checked my whats’app, replied to some messages on Facebook, got ready and thought a countless number of thoughts on my way to work.

I got my favourite java chip coffee on my way and I even ordered a dress online. You know, big discounts and all that jazz. So precisely, I did everything to beat these Monday blues.

Then I sat to upload this story and I opened the pictures to resize them. And I paused. I was smiling. I was smiling like something has gotten into me. And then I wondered, I have been doing so many things since last weekends just to please myself or whatever. I know they do not usually say that we do everything to make ourselves happy. But more often than not, we do it only for happiness.

The smile on the face of these kids is so infectious that I cannot describe. It was a Be Yourself effort in which the team spent a weekend with these kids in a Labour Area School. The teacher you can see in the pictures loves these kids like her own. She is proud of them actually. She is working hard and we will try to do more to help her in future as well.

This is for real. The time we spend with all these people who have limited means is nothing less than happiness.
Image Courtesy: Jatin Raliya

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